I use photography as a narrative image from which stories, series or sequences emerge. My images are the result of a previous intention and depart from encounters, discoveries or moments that evoke unexpected feelings in me. I work by intuition and many times I am not aware of where my obsessions come from.

Technically, I work with analog photography and usually employ medium format cameras: every story has a suitable language and a special way to be built, therefore the choice of the camera is important when giving shape to all this.

I believe mind is an endless source of creative consciousness. The ideas about which I reflect are intimate and revolve around human condition: time, death, rebirth, beauty, desire.



  • “Tout est Possible” Victor Lustig, Paris 1925, Festival Revela-t, Vilassar de Dalt, 2017 (solo)

  • “Tout est Possible” Victor Lustig, Paris 1925, Galería H20, Barcelona, 2016 (solo)

  • En la misma latitud, Galeria Dotze and Galeria Tagomago, Begur, 2014 (solo)

  • Entre tú y yo, Galería Principal Art-Festival DOCfield, Barcelona, 2014 (solo)

  • 0,01 megapixels, Galería Tagomago, Barcelona, 2014 (collective)

  • 0,01 megapixels, Galería Tagomago, Paris, 2014 (collective)

  • Despertares, Galería Contraluz, Pamplona, 2013 (solo)

  • Drive my car, Galería Tagomago, Barcelona, 2012 (collective)

  • Forever young, StudioStore, Barcelona, 2012 (collective)

  • Drive my car, Galería Tagomago, Paris, 2012 (collective)

  • Ofelia, Galería Tagomago-Photo Off,Paris, 2011 (solo)

  • Ausencia, Sala Eneate-Festival de fotografía Emergent, Lleida, 2011 (solo)

  • Ausencia, Galería Mediadvanced, Gijón, 2011 (solo)

  • Visible lo invisible, Galería Tagomago, Barcelona, 2011 (solo)

  • Metamorfosis, Galería Tagomago-Photo Off, Paris, 2010 (solo)

  • Ofelia, Galeria Tagomago-MadridFoto, Madrid, 2010 (solo)

  • Los Artistas de la Corte, Pabellón de Caza, Barcelona, 2009 (collective)

  • Area de descanso, Festival Zaat, Lisboa, 2008 (collective)

  • Espacios, Fundación Arteviva, Madrid 2008 (collective)

  • Vive la fotografía, Casadecor, Madrid, 2008 (collective)

  • Pabellón de caza, Galería Artara, Mahó, 2008 (collective)

  • Una habitación propia, Galeria Son Espace, Palafrugell, 2007 (collective)

  • Despertar en Asia, Festival Asia, Barcelona, 2006 (solo)

  • Naufragio, Tèxtil cafè, Barcelona  2004 (solo)


  • Shortlisted DOCfield Dummy Award, 2014

  • Shortlisted Organ Vida International Photography Festival, 2013

  • Shortlisted Descubrimientos Photoespaña, 2012

  • Shortlisted Manege Central Exhibition Hall, Festival fotografía, Saint Petersburg, 2011

  • Prize Premi de Fotografía Caixa Terrassa, 2010





  • “Tout est Possible” Victor Lustig, Paris 1925, coming soon

  • Entre tú y yo, Self-published, 2014